Why can’t government workers decide if they want a union in their workplace?

By Mallory Factor

Foxnews.com – At their “shadow conference” last week in Philadelphia, union bosses were pushing their new message hard. Collective bargaining is now to be looked at as a fundamental civil right for all Americans. And President Obama, who supports the union agenda pretty much 100%, would undoubtedly express his support for this proposition–if it weren’t an election year and unions weren’t polling so low.

But don’t let union sophistry convince you. Collective bargaining is no “right.” It is a “wrong” that happens to you when your actual right to sell your own labor is taken away from you and given to a private organization—a union.

And collective bargaining is not the only way that unions exercise coercion over America’s workers. Here are just a few examples of how unions are trampling workers’ rights—from my new book on government employee unions, “Shadowbosses,” out this week.

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