Where the Tea Party and OWS Agree

There’s a big difference between “pro-business” and “pro-free market.”  And the Tea Party – from its inception – has been “pro-free market.”  In fact, one of the founding principles that brought together the original Tea Partiers was a rejection of the crony capitalism of the bailouts.

The anti-bailout, anti-incentive, anti-“public-private partnership,” anti-stimulus factions are ascendant in both parties, and in the Republican Party, that sentiment is dominant.

Entrenched business that rely on favoritism, incentives, neo-protectionism and handouts, be wary.

Entrepreneurs trying to break into protected and over-regulated markets, know that the cause of free markets is one of the hottest political issues of the day.

(So what’s the difference between “pro-business” and “pro-free market?”  A great primer is this column by Veronique de Rugy: Why Businesses Can’t Stand Free Markets.)

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