We are all Euros, now

President Barack Obama went to the Pentagon this past week, and laid bare his Euro-like vision for America for all to see.

It goes something like this:

  • First, you assume that you have just fought the “war to end all wars”, so you promptly state that the “tide of war is receding” and you proceed to “turn the page” — presumably to a kinder, gentler chapter.
  • Next, you promptly cut defense budgets and spend what you see is a peace “dividend” (made possible, remember, because you have turned that page as the war tides receded).
  • And what do you spend that dividend on?  More social programs, pork barrel projects for public sector unions and other goodies to keep the people dependent and happy.
  • Except eventually you realize that the money isn’t going to last forever.  And when it runs out, all those fat, happy public employees, unions, and others on the dole begin protesting and rioting in the streets, claiming that they aren’t getting their “fair share”.
  • Suddenly you realize that you no longer have an effective military force, but you do have an army of smelly, dirty people inhabiting your public squares.
  • Finally, you realize that only higher taxes can solve this problem, so you institute a vast new Value Added Tax, designed to tax consumption along every step of the supply chain, but hidden deep in the prices of consumer goods and services.
  • The VAT raises vast new gobs of money, which, in the spirit of good government, is promptly spent on even greater social service benefits, payoffs to preferred groups and patrons of those in power.
  • Alas, even the VAT can’t sate the appetite of the people, who have let their ability to provide for themselves whither away, atrophied at the alter of transfer payments from Big Brother.  Who will take care of these poor wretched souls?

Fear not, say the intellectual elite, those who certainly know better than the rest of us. The IMF, the World Bank and, of course, the Chinese stand ready to help us in our time of need.


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