Tim Scott’s Town Halls

Voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina have a unique opportunity to meet presidential candidates in one-on-one settings, ask them tough questions, and demand straight answers.

However, “opportunity” is probably not the right word.  Voters in the early primary/caucus states see it as more of a “responsibility.”  We’re vetting the candidates, and this process forces them go face-to-face with average voters.  There’s no hiding behind spokesmen and sound bites.

An invaluable resource this past year in South Carolina has been Rep. Tim Scott’s First in the South Presidential Town Hall Series.  Rep. Scott has put together a first-rate operation that allows voters a tremendous opportunity to put candidates on the spot.  There are no pulled punches and Rep. Scott doesn’t let the candidates get away with the usual cliches. Speaker and GOP candidate Newt Gingrich appeared this week. He’s currently polling well, in the news and in South Carolina.

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