There’s That Amendment Thing, Right? Bill of Somethingorother?

See, now this is why we should have a strong requirement for civics and American Government in public schools.

Annoyed by criticism from a local political group, the Gould, Arkansas, city council decided to wish it away. Last month it passed an ordinance abolishing the Gould Citizens Advisory Council, which it accused of “causing confusion and discourse among the citizens.” It also forbade Mayor Earnest Nash Jr., a member of the irksome group, to meet “any organization in any location,” whether “inside or outside Gould city limits,” without the city council’s permission. For good measure, Gould’s legislators declared that “no new organizations shall be allowed to exist in the City of Gould without approval from a majority of the City Council.”

It’s kind of funny.  But then it really isn’t.  It’s actually scary, not that some idiotic city council would try to outlaw dissent, but rather that they’d think it was somehow constitutional.

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