The Keystone Proof

President Obama’s decision to not allow the Keystone Pipeline project to move forward is the final proof that our national energy policy — and our national security — are firmly in the hands of left-wing wackos.


The Keystone Pipeline would have created 20,000 new jobs immediately and many more than that over the history of it’s lifespan. It would have brought substantial oil to the United States from a reliable ally on our northern border, and would have been a significant step toward reducing our energy dependence on the Arab world.

Obama claimed today that he rejected the pipeline because the Republican House’s 60 day deadline for approval didn’t give the president enough time to adequately review the proposal.  Really?  The pipeline has undergone 40 months of hearing and review, and an exhaustive State Department study which deemed it was not a threat to the environment.  The claim that it wasn’t reviewed extensively enough is pure poppycock — the average pipeline application and review process is 20-24 months.  Half the time of the Keystone proposal.

The reality here is that this is pure progressive ideology at work.

The left hates oil.  It hates refineries that process it into gas, and it hates the cars that run on gas.

It doesn’t matter to the left whether or not 20 jobs or 200,000 jobs are linked to a pipeline that brings oil into the United States, or whether it means that gas prices will go up.  Never mind that it is poor people who must use their cars to get to work are the one’s who get hurt the most by high prices at the pump.

The poor, huddled masses are expendable in the cause of environmental purity.

The left wants us in electric cars on a grid powered by solar and wind power.  And killing Keystone is just one more way to force this clean energy utopia upon us.

In the end, the GOP must tell the American people the truth: that the president caved to his progressive base by rejecting a proposal which has already gotten regulatory approval, and which would have immediately put thousands of Americans back to work.  This represents a big opportunity for conservatives to show that despite his rhetoric, Barack Obama is a committed left-wing ideologue.

And Keystone is the proof.




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