Thank You, Tim Carney…

… for highlighting a pet peeve of mine.

We’ve all heard this idiotic refrain from the left/media (from a tweet by Politico’s Reid Epstein): “The GOP presidential candidates all love the Constitution, except the parts they want to change.”

Here’s Carney with a quick reminder: “Amending the Constitution is not unconstitutional.”

Someone rush a copy of the Constitution over to Politico’s newsroom, and make sure reporter Reid Epstein reads Article V, which specifies how to amend the Constitution.

Conservatives don’t see the Constitution as perfect.  We do, however, believe the Constitution is a contract that grants our government the consent of the governed.  It can be changed, but only through the long, arduous amendment process.  It can’t be changed by legislation, executive order or judicial fiat.

Get it? (Or should we go over Civics 101 again for the benefit of the media.)

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