Teachers Unions Not Happy with Romney’s VP Pick

The nation’s largest union, the rich and powerful National Education Association, has indicated its disapproval with Romney’s VP pick, Paul Ryan.

Dennis Van Roekel, NEA’s President, stated:

“Ryan’s position on fundamental education issues like funding for early childhood education and efforts to keep class sizes small doesn’t speak to ensuring that every child in this country gets a quality education, it continues Romney’s misguided and out of touch mentality that class size doesn’t matter and children should get as much education as they can ‘afford’.

But actually class size is one of those issues that the teachers unions cleverly manipulate for their own benefit.  Staff-to-pupil ratios have dropped from 18-to-1 in 1960 to 8-to-1 currently.  While many parents may support smaller classes for their children, the research shows that smaller class sizes don’t make much difference on educational achievement.  In fact a McKinsey consulting firm study shows that of the 112 studies completed on the benefits of smaller class sizes on education, 103 showed that smaller class size did not improve student performance at all.   Our nation should probably be having at least a discussion on whether the education dollars spent on class size reduction might be better used on other educational improvements, but the teachers unions won’t permit this discussion–because smaller classes mean more educators–and more teachers union dues.   And anyone who doesn’t hold this view will be labeled “anti-school children” by the teachers union, which is exactly what the NEA is trying to do to Ryan.

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