Stupid SOPA… What Could Go Wrong?

Really, what’s a worst-case scenario if we hand the government a “kill switch” for the internet?

Oh… that’s right… something like this:

Here’s a plausible campaign scenario under SOPA. Imagine you are running for Congress in a competitive House district. You give a strong interview to a local morning news show and your campaign posts the clip on your website. When your opponent’s campaign sees the video, it decides to play hardball and sends a notice to your Internet service provider alerting them to what it deems “infringing content.” It doesn’t matter if the content is actually pirated. The ISP has five days to pull down your website and the offending clip or be sued. If you don’t take the video down, even if you believe that the content is protected under fair use, your website goes dark.

There’s more.  (There’s always more.)  So read the whole thing.

(Via Instapundit.)

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