Solyndra Debacle, CEO Steps Down

Brian Harrison, CEO of Solyndra stepped down amid the scandal of everything surrounding this company. Last month, Solyndra, which received hundreds of millions of your taxpayer dollars, also known as “energy subsidies,” filed for bankruptcy.

Are you surprised by his departure? I’m not.

As a business executive, I’m not usually happy about a company’s decline but Solyndra is another matter altogether. It’s a clear example of a costly government experiment that went awry. We know the government can’t create jobs and now we have a Exhibit A hitting the headlines everyday to prove this.

Solyndra, a provider of eco-friendly industrial and commercial rooftops, was to be an example of President Obama’s hopes and aspirations for green energy and green jobs for the future. His jobs bill imploded in the Senate this week just as Solyndra is imploding before our very eyes. Green energy is an area where we need more exploration but let the private sector handle it. The private sector has always been an incubator for innovation.

As President Obama talks about job creation, this Solyndra issue is a sure embarrassment for him. The old and standard recipe of building a company with a product that consumers want and are willing to pay for is a simple one and still holds true, no taxpayer dollars needed.

I recently sat down with Rep. Mike Pompeo to talk about energy subsidies and Solyndra.

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