New Hampshire Polling

Magellan Strategies:

  1. Romney 41%
  2. Paul 21%
  3. Gingrich 12%
  4. Huntsman 12%
  5. Santorum 4%
  6. Bachmann 4%
  7. Perry 3%

New Hampshire is setting up to be a big momentum state for the Romney Campaign on January 10th.  New Hampshire primary voters in the past have produced some surprise winners but currently that does not appear to be the case in 2012.

Romney’s numbers have been solid throughout.  The race is for second place… and the sub-hed in the story on Romney’s win.  The Santorum/Bachmann/Perry ideological grouping adds up to 11%, but expect some extreme volatility in slots 2-5 in the days following tomorrow’s Iowa caucuses.

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