Mallory’s Hannity radio interview

Listen to Mallory Factory’s interview with Sean Hannity.


  1. Shadowbosses provides perspective on the US government in 2012 that is essential for US Citizens. There is good reason that this book will be prominent for coming months on bestseller lists, and fundamental to discussions.
    Connecting the key legislation, such the Wagner Acts, Taft-Hartley, the National Labor Relations Board, Right-to-work laws, and the lack of restraints on union powers that were not contemplated by the writers of the Constitution are excellently accomplished in this book.
    Our responsibility as Citizens to our unique We The People government requires that we understand the data documented in the new Mallory Factor book. When the extraordinary rights accorded to unions, especially government worker unions, are so well explained, not only the need but also the path to rebalancing with new legislation becomes clear.
    As the States with the most severe problem can be understood to be those in which the right to vote, individualism, and liberty has been taken away from literally millions of Citizens, the comparisons of programs which preserve Constitutional rights, and that are providing the solution, are differentiated well.
    To understand the motivation behind the forced unionization of home care workers that has happened, and the forced unionization inherent in PPACA (Obamacare), this book is most useful, and extensive referencing is quite useful.
    Future decisions can lead not only to progressive reduction of the Federal Debt, but also to solving serious problems now imposed by interference by the teachers’ unions that now weakens public school eduction. Factor’s report includes profound insights.
    The USA provides world leadership in treasuring Freedom, Opportunity, and respect for the individual. The special class privileges mantra that arises out of human faults in almost all civilizations except ours was the reason for the Revolution. Now the special class privilege package that is enjoyed by government workers, and has even encouraged corrupt practices by elected officials with official sanctioning by Congressional Ethics Committees, must be restored to the Constitutional frame of reference. It is the responsibility of all US Citizens to become aware of Shadowbosses if we are to maintain our unique type of government, freedom, leadership, and opportunity. This book is a major source of our great vision for our 4th century.

  2. Rebecca Mayer says:

    Thank you for waking me up to know about, understand the forces and implications for our Nation. We must curtail the corrosive practices of unions … bring them into the light of day. You give hope … Shadowbosses.

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