LA Times on the Bullet Train Boondoggle: “Still a Gable Worth Taking.”

This is a direct quote from the sub-hed of the L.A. Times editorial on the California bullet train boondoggle:

Yes, the price tag has tripled and its completion date is 13 years later. But it’s still a gamble worth taking.

You can’t make this stuff up:

It’s easy to see why many Californians are losing patience with the bullet train.

Voters who were asked in 2008 to approve $9.95 billion in bonds to build a high-speed rail line from Los Angeles to San Francisco were told the project would cost $33 billion and be completed by 2020, yet a more realistic business plan released Tuesday by the rail authority placed the price tag at — whoops — $98 billion and the completion date at 2033.

Then there’s this…

Voters have good reason to believe they were sold a bill of goods, and the project would be in less jeopardy today if its backers had been more honest about the price from the outset. Yet for the same reasons we shrugged and endorsed the bond measure anyway, we still think the train is worth building.

If you’re up for a good laugh, please go ahead and read the whole thing.  As an added bonus, the editorial ends with this line:

We think California can find a way to get the train built. We think it can. We think it can….

This is not a parody.  It’s an actual L.A. Times editorial.  This is the standard by which they support spending $98 billion in taxpayer dollars.  What a disgrace.


(Via Tom Bevan, who wryly comments: “LAT: Even though the bullet train will cost triple ($98B) and take 13 yrs longer than we thought, it’s still awesome.”)

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