How the Unions Are Using Obamacare to Unionize America’s Healthcare Workers

Obamacare opens the door wide open to unionizing millions of America’s healthcare workers—which could fuel the union movement for the next 20 years. The main reason is that Obamacare will result in more private health care workers being paid for under government programs,—expanded Medicaid and the public option (and maybe eventually single payer).  Healthcare workers who accept compensation under government programs can be unionized as “government employees” even though they are self-employed and own their own practices, under a union plan battle-tested in 10 states.  The unions are already unionizing self-employed home healthcare and childcare workers who are paid out of their client’s government benefits—and forced them to pay union dues.   The same model can be applied to health care workers receiving government funds under Obamacare. While the unions have been keeping this quiet–I don’t even think that the unions would deny that their plan is to organize every health care worker in America—and lots of union documents show this as we explain in Shadowbosses.


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