How the Unions Are Using Obamacare to Unionize America’s Healthcare Workers

Obamacare opens the door wide open to unionizing millions of America’s healthcare workers—which could fuel the union movement for the next 20 years. The main reason is that Obamacare will result in more private health care workers being paid for under government programs,—expanded Medicaid and the public option (and maybe eventually single payer).  Healthcare workers who accept compensation under government programs can be unionized as “government employees” even though they are self-employed and own their own practices, under a union plan battle-tested in 10 states.  The unions are already unionizing self-employed home healthcare and childcare workers who are paid out of their client’s government benefits—and forced them to pay union dues.   The same model can be applied to health care workers receiving government funds under Obamacare. While the unions have been keeping this quiet–I don’t even think that the unions would deny that their plan is to organize every health care worker in America—and lots of union documents show this as we explain in Shadowbosses.

Shadowbosses–Number 1 on Barnes and Nobles

With great early press–Just now, Shadowbosses climbed to #1 on Barnes and Nobles–beating out the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy.  Thanks for all your support!

Obamacare to Unionize 21 million Healthcare workers

Daily Caller broke our story from Shadowbosses on the unions and Obamacare:

In a book set for publication Tuesday, a politics and government professor at The Citadel claims President Obama’s 2009 health care reform law was, in part, a union-driven effort to organize 21 million health care workers.

The facts are that only about 10% of America’s healthcare workers are unionized currently, so there is huge room for growth in unionization. For each 1 million workers that are unionized in non-right-to-work states, the unions stand to earn $1 billion a year in annual dues.

The unions have a battle-tested plan to unionize self-employed workers taht receive funds under government programs which they have successfully implemented in 10 states.  This same plan can be used to unionize health care workers in private practice that receive government funds under Obamacare.  Read more about this in Shadowbosses.

UAW Bailout Was Worse Than We Expected

In Shadowbosses, we explain how the auto bailout should more correctly be called the UAW bailout, because the union won, while the bondholders lost.  We also explain how the family of a young girl that died when her airbag failed to deploy won a judgment in court against Chrystler, but lost the right to compensation the bailout–as did everyone else with proven tort claims against the automakers.  But now, we learn that the Treasury Department under Geithner may have cheated 20,000 workers out of their pensions becuase they were not union members.

Emails obtained by The Daily Caller show that the U.S. Treasury Department, led by Timothy Geithner, was the driving force behind terminating the pensions of 20,000 salaried retirees at the Delphi auto parts manufacturing company.


The move, made in 2009 while the Obama administration implemented its auto bailout plan, appears to have been made solely because those retirees were not members of labor unions.


The internal government emails contradict sworn testimony, in federal court and before Congress, given by several Obama administration figures. They also indicate that the administration misled lawmakers and the courts about the sequence of events surrounding the termination of those non-union pensions, and that administration figures violated federal law.



Read more:

Reuters: Not Just Hackery, Incompetence (and hackery)

Apparently they don’t have editors at Reuters.  Or fact-checkers.  Or journalists.

The errors in this hit piece on Senator Marco Rubio are simply dumbfounding.  Matt Lewis found seven factual errors.

And we’re not just talking about minor errors.  In a piece designed to make Rubio look like he has financial problems, Reuters claims that the Senator has missed payments on his home and his student loans.  He hasn’t.  (Almost comical: They report that Rubio voted against Sonia Sotomayor.  Rubio wasn’t even in the Senate when she was confirmed.)

Powerline calls it the “Worst News Story of 2012.”

Reuters’ theme is that Rubio criticizes extravagant federal spending and deficits, but has had financial problems himself. The article is basically one false statement after another, leavened with quotes from Democratic strategists.

At Politico, Dylan Byers reports that:

Reuters is still kicking itself over an article about Republican golden boy Senator Marco Rubio that yielded five corrections yesterday and may have warranted more.

One senior staffer at Reuters described the episode to me as a “fiasco,” another as a “disgrace.”

It was so bad, in fact, that the editors and writer involved have been asked not to talk about it. (I reached out to editors David Lindsey and Eric Walsh, but have not heard back.)

Powerline also speculates on a motive:

This is, of course, battlefield preparation. Reporters know that Rubio is going to be a major player on the national scene, so they are doing what they can to protect their party by taking him down a peg.

New Hampshire Polling

Magellan Strategies:

  1. Romney 41%
  2. Paul 21%
  3. Gingrich 12%
  4. Huntsman 12%
  5. Santorum 4%
  6. Bachmann 4%
  7. Perry 3%

New Hampshire is setting up to be a big momentum state for the Romney Campaign on January 10th.  New Hampshire primary voters in the past have produced some surprise winners but currently that does not appear to be the case in 2012.

Romney’s numbers have been solid throughout.  The race is for second place… and the sub-hed in the story on Romney’s win.  The Santorum/Bachmann/Perry ideological grouping adds up to 11%, but expect some extreme volatility in slots 2-5 in the days following tomorrow’s Iowa caucuses.