Ted Cruz: How to Secure Our Borders

U.S. Senate Candidate Ted Cruz from Texas says to use fences, walls and technology to fight illegal immigration.

Sen. Wicker Sour on Obama’s Economic Leadership

Sen. Roger Wicker (R., Miss.) talks about Obama’s apprach to Simpson Bolles and what the U.S. can learn from Greece.

Is Obama Waging War on U.S. Energy?

Rep. Bill Johnson (R., Ohio) criticizes President Obama’s domestic energy policy.

Can Freshmen Save U.S. from Bankruptcy?

Freshmen congresspeople have tip-toed a fine line between sticking to their guns and solving the country’s money problems.

Former SEC Commissioner: Beware Shareholder Activists

Former SEC Commissioner: Beware Shareholder ActivistsFormer SEC Commissioner Paul Atkins warns about shareholder activists, and tells companies to be more politically aware.

Bob Turner Blunt on Energy Policy

Congressman Bob Turner reveals energy policies as he prepares to run for U.S. Senate

Meet the Man Who Unseated Dick Lugar

Meet the Man Who Unseated Dick LugarRichard Mourdock defeats 36-year Senate incumbent Dick Lugar, and the new Indiana GOP nominee has been outspoken about his economic views.

Give Health Care to Individuals

Author Sally Pipes says employer-sponsored health care is driving up costs. Instead, she advocates putting individuals in charge.

Wisconsin Lt. Gov.: Recall Fundraising a Concern

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch says that it will be tough for her to outraise her opponent in the June recall election.

Allen West: I’m Democrats’ No. 1 Target

Allen West says he is Democrats number one target, and defends his comment that 79-81 Democrats are Communist Party members.