Mallory Factor on The Rush Limbaugh Show

Mallory Factor, Author of Shadowbosses

“I hope if anybody buys Shadowbosses they don’t keep it. They send it to a legislator. They need to read it more than anybody else.” -Mallory Factor

“The clout unions have in the Democrat part is because of their money, and that’s where compulsory dues become the issue. That’s the only way to turn this around.” -Mark Belling

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Mallory Factor at LPAC 2012

Businessman and author Mallory Factor spoke to attendees at the Liberty Political Action Conference on September 14, 2012, regarding “Shadowbosses” and the negative impact forced unionism has on employees, our economy, and our political process.

Is Capitalism Heartless?


Dr. Yaron Brook, the president and executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute, stopped by TheBlaze newsroom recently for a lively interview with contributor Mallory Factor.  With the recent release of Atlas Shrugged II and the presidential election right around the corner, many of the theories and philosophies Brook advocates are at the center of politics today.

After noting that Brook has a new book out– Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand’s Ideas Can End Big Government– the two delved right into the issues.

“What about protecting all those people who need to be protected?” Factor asked, bringing up a common critique of what some call “unbridled” capitalism.  “Don’t we have moral obligations to people?”

“No, we don’t,” he said simply.  “Somebody else’s needs, somebody else’s suffering, somebody else’s desires are not your responsibility.”

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John Fund on Voter Fraud at TheBlaze With Mallory Factor


“If you have someone cast a fraudulent vote, they disenfranchise, cancel out the vote of the legitimate voters, for example: someone who votes twice, someone who is voting out of state, someone who is dead, someone who’s impersonation someone else; all those things cancel out legitimate voters.”

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Unions pouring millions of dollars into swing states

‘Shadowbosses’ author Mallory Factor weighs in

Mallory Factor Interviews PA Senate Candidate Tom Smith for TheBlaze

PA SENATE CANDIDATE TOM SMITH SPEAKS WITH MALLORY FACTOR AT THEBLAZE – Casey is a name that has been familiar with Pennsylvania voters for decades. Tom Smith is new to politics but unintimidated by the name recognition of Democratic U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania Bob Casey Jr., as he is set to challenge Casey this November for a seat once held by high-profile Republican legislators like Rick Santorum, John Heinz and Hugh Scott.

“My opponent Senator Bob Casey is a nice guy, not a leader” Smith told TheBlaze during an interview with senior contributor Mallory Factor last week. Smith is running on a campaign focused on getting the economy back on track by reforming regulations and the tax code to get rid of loopholes in addition to overbearing legislation and spending that harms American economic competitiveness.

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Factor: Unions Control America

Stossel Show with John Stossel

Authors Mallory and Elizabeth Factor argue that unions have far too much influence in the U.S.

Mallory Interviews Senator Rand Paul for TheBlaze

As Congress comes back in session after summer recess, Republican U.S. Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul returns to Washington D.C. with the wind at his back following a well-received address at the Republican National Convention last month, and the upcoming release of his second book: Government Bullies: How Everyday Americans Are Being Harassed, Abused, and Imprisoned by the Feds. Sen. Paul came to TheBlaze newsroom in New York City Monday to discuss his new book and where government regulations can go too far, in an interview with’s Senior Contributor Mallory Factor.

“Sometimes government regulations start out reasonable, but sometimes they get carried away,” Sen.Paul said Monday.

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Who’s really running the show at the DNC?

Fox & Friends – Author Mallory Factor weighs in

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Mallory’s Hannity radio interview

Listen to Mallory Factory’s interview with Sean Hannity.