Obamacare pushed by unions?

Mallory on Fox & Friends

Ted Cruz: How to Secure Our Borders

U.S. Senate Candidate Ted Cruz from Texas says to use fences, walls and technology to fight illegal immigration.

Sen. Wicker Sour on Obama’s Economic Leadership

Sen. Roger Wicker (R., Miss.) talks about Obama’s apprach to Simpson Bolles and what the U.S. can learn from Greece.

Wisconsin Lt. Gov.: Recall Fundraising a Concern

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch says that it will be tough for her to outraise her opponent in the June recall election.

Citadel Seminar: Former Secretary of Defense Donald Henry Rumsfeld

The Conservative Intellectual Tradition in America

Session 12-
The Bush Doctrine, Compassionate Conservatism, and the War on Terror

Guest Lecturer: Former Secretary of Defense Donald Henry Rumsfeld

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Citadel Seminar: Yaron Brook, Director of the Ayn Rand Institute at The Citadel

The Conservative Intellectual Tradition in America

Session 6-
The Emergence of Libertarianism

Guest Lecturer: Ayn Rand Institute Director Yaron Brook

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Establishment Going Nuclear on Newt?

Mallory Factor recently made a special appearance on the Fox Business Channel with Judge Napolitano, where he discussed the establishment’s views on presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. The two also discussed Ron Paul and the impact he had had on this election.

Ron Paul’s Tax Plan – How Low Can You Go?

The presidential candidate tells Senior Contributing Editor, Mallory Factor, how job creation is done the old fashioned way. He also explains how he wants to get rid of the income tax, and create a simple tax code.

Herman Cain: 999 Is Not Dead

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain vows to take his 999 plan to Washington, D.C. and why family is first. Find out why he dropped out of the race and learn more about the “999 Revolution.”


What States Must do to Attract Business

Jonathan Williams, Director of Tax & Fiscal Policy ALEC, offers state level solutions. He advises states to have a right to work status, which leads to job growth. States must also prioritize their budgets and reduce marginal tax rates.