Welcome Ken Davenport

We’re thrilled to introduce Ken Davenport, who will be contributing to the blog here at malloryfactor.com.

(Ken’s one of those guys who should be a professional columnist, but he’s too busy starting companies, creating jobs and driving the economy.)

Another Transplant

Lee Habeeb had an excellent column on NRO in September, “Southern Like Me,” about the “great migration south.”

According to the latest Census figures, and stories in USA Today, the Associated Press, and elsewhere, the South was the fastest growing region in America over the last decade, up 14 percent… That migration wasn’t limited to white Yankees like me. The nation’s African American population grew 1.7 million over the last decade — and 75 percent of that growth occurred in the South, according to William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution. What those stories and studies failed to report were the reasons propelling that migration. The economic and cultural forces driving this migration south have been ignored by the press. And by the Obama administration.

Habeeb recounts his own experience as a transplant, dealing with Yankee and popular culture misconceptions and prejudices (some of which were his own). [Read more…]

They Believe They Can Spend Your Charitable Money Better Than You, Too.

Built into the Obama Administration’s call to reduce the charitable deduction for higher earners is this:

Much more worrisome are the assumptions of the latest tax proposal and a White House initiative called the Social Innovation Fund. While the former assumes that the money diverted from charity can be put to better use by government, the latter adds the notion that government funds should themselves be directed to nonprofits, some previously independent of government. The other assumption is that private philanthropy should follow along, matching government dollars.

In combination, this amounts to what can be called the Solyndra-ization of philanthropy, in which the government would brand select social-service organizations with the Washington seal of approval, and thus signal that private charitable capital should be directed to the same organizations.

The mind boggles.  Not only are they taking money out of the private sector capital markets to play their own venture capital games (see: Solyndra); but they’re also planning to do the same with non-profits.  Their proposal will drain funds from non-profits of your choosing and funnel money to non-profits of their choosing.


Mallory Factor A Judge in Corporate Spelling Bee to Benefit Reading

October 11, 2011

How do you spell “fundraiser”? If you are local educational nonprofit LifeManagement Center, it’s B-E-E.

LifeManagement, which helps adults and children overcome learning challenges, is holding a Corporate Spelling Bee on Oct. 18 to help fund its Reading Rewards program.

The event will include 11 teams representing schools, colleges, dentists, pediatricians and even a book club. Some groups were sponsored by other organizations for the $1,000 entry fee.

What: LifeManagement Center Corporate Spelling Bee
When: 6:30 p.m. Oct. 18
Where: Emmett Robinson Theatre, Simons Center for the Arts, College of Charleston
Details: Judge Alex Sanders is the emcee and Elsa McDowell of The Post and Courier is the word reader. Judges are businessman Mallory Factor, consultant Doug Gepford and Charleston Mayor Joe Riley. Teams are sponsored by The Citadel, College of Charleston, Nelson Mullins, Maybank Properties, Between the Lines book club and more.

Cost: Admission is free for spectators, but seating is limited. For tickets, call LifeManagement at 852-5705.

Full story

Mallory Factor Brings Geopolitics to The Citadel

May 27, 2011

Mallory Factor has been appointed as The Citadel’s 2011-2012 John C. West Professor of International Politics and American Government.

“We are pleased that Mr. Factor will be bringing his extensive knowledge of economics, global politics and political movements to The Citadel as our next West professor,” said Samuel M. Hines, Jr., provost and dean of the college.

In addition to teaching courses on geopolitics and the American conservative tradition, Factor will direct a year-long speaker series on America’s role in the emerging global order. The lectures, which are sponsored by West Chair Foundation and the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice, are free and open to the public.

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