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“I hope if anybody buys Shadowbosses they don’t keep it. They send it to a legislator. They need to read it more than anybody else.” -Mallory Factor

“The clout unions have in the Democrat part is because of their money, and that’s where compulsory dues become the issue. That’s the only way to turn this around.” -Mark Belling

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John Fund on Voter Fraud at TheBlaze With Mallory Factor


“If you have someone cast a fraudulent vote, they disenfranchise, cancel out the vote of the legitimate voters, for example: someone who votes twice, someone who is voting out of state, someone who is dead, someone who’s impersonation someone else; all those things cancel out legitimate voters.”

So what can be done, and what can you do to protect your vote? [Read more…]

Unions pouring millions of dollars into swing states

‘Shadowbosses’ author Mallory Factor weighs in

Mallory Factor Interviews PA Senate Candidate Tom Smith for TheBlaze

PA SENATE CANDIDATE TOM SMITH SPEAKS WITH MALLORY FACTOR AT THEBLAZE – Casey is a name that has been familiar with Pennsylvania voters for decades. Tom Smith is new to politics but unintimidated by the name recognition of Democratic U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania Bob Casey Jr., as he is set to challenge Casey this November for a seat once held by high-profile Republican legislators like Rick Santorum, John Heinz and Hugh Scott.

“My opponent Senator Bob Casey is a nice guy, not a leader” Smith told TheBlaze during an interview with senior contributor Mallory Factor last week. Smith is running on a campaign focused on getting the economy back on track by reforming regulations and the tax code to get rid of loopholes in addition to overbearing legislation and spending that harms American economic competitiveness.

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Mallory Factor: How Public Unions Exploit the Ruse of ‘Official Time’

Government employees get paid to spend time on the job working on union projects that they don’t disclose to managers or the public.


WSJ – Imagine thousands of government employees reporting to work each morning at their government offices and then doing no government work. They use government workspace, government telephones and government computers, all while working on projects unknown and unidentified to their government employers. They receive hefty taxpayer-funded salaries, promotions, bonuses and benefits, plus generous government pensions when they retire—all without doing any work on behalf of the taxpayer. Instead, they work as paid political operatives for powerful government unions.

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TIME Magazine – Read and Right

Read and Right. For conservative-book publishers, bashing Obama is the best route to a best-seller

By David Von Drehle

This week’s literary quiz: is Barack Obama a) an amateur, b) a socialist anti-colonialist radical or c) a great destroyer? The answer, according to recent New York Times best-seller lists, is all of the above, which may be bad news for the President but is very good news for the uncannily sure-footed conservative publishing machine.

In fact, Regnery Publishing Inc. of Washington claims to have “the highest batting average” at producing best sellers in the entire industry–“by far.” Two of the top three hits on the most recent list are from the Regnery lineup. At No. 2, Obama’s America by Dinesh D’Souza makes the case that the President is secretly anti-American, bent on weakening the nation to atone for our imperialist sins. The NO.3 book, Edward Klein’s The Amateur, is a brisk mixture of previously reported stories and unverifiable anecdotes, salted liberally-I mean, conservatively- with warnings about European-style socialism.

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Teachers unions: Not just Chicago’s problem

By Mallory Factor

The Washington Examiner – Today, we see Chicago teachers on strike, waving placards, chanting and making news, while keeping 350,000 schoolchildren out of the classroom, their educations on hold while the teachers unions hold out for more from the city of Chicago.

How can one private organization, the Chicago Teachers Union, disrupt the lives of so many children and their families in one of America’s largest cities? Far less dramatically, but far more importantly, the teachers unions and their bosses are wrecking K-12 education for all America’s public school students every day all across America.

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Forbes Magazine – Obamacare’s “Gotcha” for the Health Care Sector

By Mallory Factor

One of the great mysteries of modern politics was the high level of union support for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. When President Obama was elected, Obamacare was already one of the unions’ top legislative priorities. Government unions spent tens of millions and used enormous political capital to pass Obamacare. Yet, universal health care should not be a core issue for unions because most union members have more than adequate health care coverage. So why the overwhelming support for Obamacare from the government employee unions?

Many commentators point to the concessions President Obama gave to the unions right before Obamacare passed in Congress in March 2010. To solidify union support, Obama agreed to a seven year moratorium on taxing the famed Cadillac health care plans that many union members receive—which increased the cost of Obamacare by $120 billion. But this concession does not explain the overwhelming union commitment to pass Obamacare which began before the President was even elected. [Read more…]

Why can’t government workers decide if they want a union in their workplace?

By Mallory Factor – At their “shadow conference” last week in Philadelphia, union bosses were pushing their new message hard. Collective bargaining is now to be looked at as a fundamental civil right for all Americans. And President Obama, who supports the union agenda pretty much 100%, would undoubtedly express his support for this proposition–if it weren’t an election year and unions weren’t polling so low.

But don’t let union sophistry convince you. Collective bargaining is no “right.” It is a “wrong” that happens to you when your actual right to sell your own labor is taken away from you and given to a private organization—a union.

And collective bargaining is not the only way that unions exercise coercion over America’s workers. Here are just a few examples of how unions are trampling workers’ rights—from my new book on government employee unions, “Shadowbosses,” out this week.

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National Security Unions: A Threat to America’s Safety

By Mallory Factor – Most people believe that while many other classes of government workers are represented by Big Labor, our military and national security employees cannot be unionized. But is that really true?

Could President Obama unionize our armed forces? Our active duty military, comprising about 1.5 million servicemen and women, cannot be unionized under current law. But our full-time national defense includes more than 700,000 civilians who are integral to our military. These civilian Defense Department employees are already almost 60 percent unionized. This means that our entire full-time military, including civilians, is more than 20 percent unionized. As former Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld told me: “Even the Department of Defense has come under the influence of unions.” Government unions are on our military bases and inside the Pentagon, determining workplace rules and norms, filing grievances, and influencing personnel decisions in these sensitive job sites.

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