Men’s Wearhouse: Corporate Collaborators

Mark Steyn: “Standing with ‘the 99%’ means supporting the destruction of civilized society.”

Men’s Wearhouse in Oakland had no such excuse. In solidarity with the masses, they printed up a huge poster declaring “We stand with the 99%” and announcing they’d be closed that day. In return, they got their windows smashed.

I’m a proud member of the 1 percent, and I’d have been tempted to smash ’em myself. A few weeks back, finding myself suddenly without luggage, I shopped at a Men’s Wearhouse, faute de mieux, in Burlington, Vt. Never again. I’m not interested in patronizing craven corporations so decadent and self-indulgent that as a matter of corporate policy they support the destruction of civilized society.

(Emphasis is mine.)  Steyn’s larger point:

But I’m all for their “occupation” continuing on its merry way. It usefully clarifies the stakes.

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