Shadowbosses, Government Unions Exposed

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Government Unions Exposed

Shadowbosses by Mallory Factor: How Government Employee Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers Blind

SHADOWBOSSES Exposes the Corrupt Bargain Between Government Employee Unions and Liberal Politicians to Compromise Our Future

Unions spend millions to elect liberal politicians who drive Big Government and imperil our political system and our cherished freedoms

Government Employee Unions’ Influence in Dictating Obama’s Disastrous Economic Plan Revealed


In his new book SHADOWBOSSES: Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers Blind, Mallory Factor pulls back the curtain of secrecy to show us the movers and shakers who manipulate our political system for their own advantage. These are the heads of the government employee unions: the Shadowbosses.

With fascinating and shocking detail, Mallory Factor’s SHADOWBOSSES exposes government employee unions for the first time, with all their corruption, deceit, and secrecy. Through extensive interviews with the key players and experts, he uncovers the radical agenda that these government employee unions are trying to put over on the American people.

SHADOWBOSSES reads like a true crime novel with intrigue, violence and drama—but it is true and happening now, in America. Factor explains how these unions will do anything in their power to elect politicians who will serve their interests: they’ll spend huge amounts on politics, send in political ground troops to get out the vote, flood the airways with negative advertising to destroy their opponents, use extreme intimidation techniques—whatever it takes to win elections.  Factor explains for the first time that the pro-union politicians who the unions support for election also tend to cast liberal votes on many other issues, many of which are contrary to the positions held by union members.

In SHADOWBOSSES, you’ll learn how the biggest challenges of our time—our ballooning national debt, our failing K-12 education system, our states’ ruinous finances, and health care reform—are tied up with the growth of government employee unions and the resulting growth of Big Government.  And, he reveals what’s coming next: how unions are targeting millions of Americans―maybe even you―for forced unionization so that unions can collect billions more in forced dues and exert an even greater influence over American politics.

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Publication Date: August 21, 2012